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10 is 2

What ho!
Welcome to the 10 is 2 website.
A thing of beauty and a wonder to behold, all in all a truly life enhancing experience....
In truth if you believe any of that you have to be so gullible, that you will [without hesitation] go to the contact page and e-mail us all the personal details required to steal your identity and empty your bank account. In return I will send you the winning numbers for next week's lottery -any country of your choice...[the Bazinga is implied]

Anyway what’s the website all about? The honest answer - I don’t know. I just wanted to build a website. I am aware that just because I can doesn’t mean I should ... but hey!.. it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t either.
So in the same way people climb mountains - because they are there - I have cobbled this together because it wasn’t. It also seemed much more fun than just writing one of those blog jobbies - but I may do that too. UPDATE-we have

Now Dear Visitor, first things first -or in this case para three (not to be confused with 3 Para). As T’inter-web is a global sort of thing which allows many people from many countries to join together - unless of course your government has stopped you, in which case you wont even be reading this - let me explain about the above salutation; it has got me in trouble in the past.
I am not being disrespectful to you or implying anything about you. I subscribe to the Wodehouse school of English usage, rather than the African American gangster rap vernacular, so it's just a .. "Heillo".
If you don’t get it (I expect get it should be in “double quotes”... but I just don’t like the whole double quotes thing) there is probably going to be a lot of the content that you just wont get - which would be a shame. Mostly it’s here because it makes me smile ..... it isn’t a very serious site.

10is2 Cards built using thr cardpunch at www.KLOTH.net

Anyway if you press on I hope you have a great time, if you bail out - thanks for popping in.

Some may notice a bit of a computer bias. That’s because for many years now that is what has allowed me to eat and since getting a toy ‘puter (aka a PC) ... has become a bit of a hobby
Very sad I know but it could be worse, I might have taken up folk dancing.

Obviously I don’t want to upset the folk dancing fraternity, it is just a shameless excuse to link to this often misattributed quotation   

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