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This page contains links to stuff that I find either interesting or useful. Mostly it’s things that have not been linked on other pages - though I cant guarantee that. Of course this means it is extremely subjective and probably of no interest (or even boring) to many visitors. For me it provides a useful on-line set of bookmarks ....yes I know you can use online book-marker and synchronisers - but they usually require a login so you have to remember the userid and password, and yes I know you can use an online password manager - but they definitely require a login so you have to remember a userid and password.
This is a simple solution - that works for simple me!
And as you can see I do use an online password manager and bookmark synchroniser.

Have a look you may find something ..........

Some (OK most if not all) of the links in this section will take you to Web sites not owned or operated by 10 is 2. We are not responsible for the condition of these links or the content they provide.
If you would like to report a broken link or have an issue with any of them please Contact Us and we will see what we can do

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